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Mayfair Valley is a leading supplier of luxury shawls, stoles and scarves throughout Europe and the USA.

Working with a select group of manufacturers in Nepal, each chosen for their specialist skills, we excel in the delivery of top quality, innovative, exclusive designs in the finest cashmere and silk yarns..

We visit Nepal regularly to work with our manufacturers on new designs and review quality and service and completed orders are sent to Mayfair Valley’s warehouse in Central London for final inspection before being sent to customers.

Many designs are produced exclusively for customers but we also hold stock of classic lines. The success of Mayfair Valley has led to the company being invited to participate in major European fashion exhibitions as well as in British Government sponsored trade missions.

The Collection - Key Features

  • 100% pashmina cashmere in a wide range of plain, shaded and woven stripes of both normal weight and lightweight for warmer climates
  • Ultra lightweight pashmina cashmere & silk mix with delicate shading effects and unusual colour combinations
  • Fine hand embroidery, sometimes backed with silk or silk taffeta
  • Elaborate beading, incorporating semi-precious stones and real pearls
  • Luxury trimmings – fur, feathers, lace and suede
  • Traditional weaves and plains to appeal to a wide range of customers looking for the perfect accessory both for day and evening wear.

Retail prices range from £20 for a mini scarf to £450 for an antique piece.

Corporate Gifts

Pashmina Scarves make wonderful Corporate Gifts. We can embroider a logo or add a brand label. We can offer presentation boxes or bags all of which makes that gift extra special.

In addition to this we have worked with customers to produce shawls to their own design. Because all the scarves and shawls are hand made, small quantities are as welcome as large ones. We offer a very personal service to our customers.


PASHMINA CASHMERE IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH SHAHTOOSH, trade in which has been illegal since 1975. Shahtoosh comes from the wild Tibetan antelope. The fibres come from the throat. In order to collect shahtoosh, the antelope is shot and skinned and as a result has now been declared an 'Endangered Specie'. The importing of shahtoosh into any of the western world countries is strictly prohibited. Although occasionally offered Shahtoosh, it is the policy of Mayfair Valley NEVER to stock or sell such items.

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